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Won’t Get Fooled Again

I was annoyed. Now, I’m pissed.

Why is Obama still in office? How was he elected twice? How stupid are American voters? (No, I did not vote for him. I have a functional brain.)

When are we going to learn? Liberals with advanced degrees and no real-world experience make incredibly bad decisions because they don’t understand how the world works and don’t see any possible consequences because they don’t know how to actually plan anything. Always. Every. damn. time. Yet, there always seem to be enough people stupid or greedy enough to think that they will personally benefit that somehow they keep getting elected.

Some people, like Obama, do actually see the possible consequences, but just lie about them, since the true consequences might prevent them from getting their way. These are evil people.

You can keep your plan. Bullshit. He knew this was bullshit when he said it. Every time he said it. Somebody in the White House ran the numbers, or there couldn’t have been a cost estimate. It’s just he assumed everybody would jump on the bandwagon. “Sure, Barack, I’ll pay more for less insurance so somebody with no insurance can have theirs for free.” What kind of idiot actually thinks anyone works this way? Self-preservation is a key trait of humans. So is charity. However, forced charity is not. That’s what the Democrats have been forcing on us since the 1940s. Hey, we’ll take your money and give it back to you when you retire. Hey, we’ll give you medical care cheap. Hey, we will help you buy a house you can’t afford.

Stop the madness.

Liberals think they know better than common people. No, they don’t. Can we learn that this time?

There are poor people in the world. There are people with no insurance in the world. It is not government’s job to force me to fix this problem. It is also not government’s problem to fix.

The last time government fixed a problem was when mean, greedy banks wouldn’t give unworthy people mortgages, so the government fixed the mortgage market. Banks were forced to grant mortgages to people who didn’t meet basic criteria. They bundled all the questionable mortgages together to pass the potential losses to others. The losses started, the mortgage market crashed and took the economy along with it, among thousands of people walking away from underwater houses. Maybe, just maybe, there was a reason all those people were red-lined before the government stepped in.

Now, according to Obama, mean insurance companies wouldn’t insure people who couldn’t pay minimums or had pre-existing conditions. Some companies wouldn’t sell men insurance to cover their pregnancies! What is wrong with the world? Obamacare fixed this. It mandated minimal coverage which had nothing to do with the real world. All the insurance companies were now legally bound to no longer sell policies in place, if they didn’t meet the government standards. Now, healthy people are having plans canceled and poor people still can’t afford the premiums. This is all the Democrat’s fault. They wrote the bill without help, they passed the bill without help, and Obama signed it. Obamacare is the latest reason I don’t want any Democrats near my money.

Here’s the obvious conclusion – none of the idiots that wrote this law understand how a market works, how a company will adjust to unfair regulations, or how to write a website. These are the same people keeping you safe from terrorists. Feel better?

A worse conclusion – they all knew what they were doing, and they know it has nothing to do with insurance and everything to do with wealth redistribution. A bunch of rich white people (and one rich mulatto) decided they should get rid of rich white people. If you make everyone poor, there won’t be any more poor people – they’ll just be average. Feel better?

Obama should be impeached. He is refusing to enforce the law as passed (and cleared by the Supreme Court, as the Democrats keep reminding us) which is his job as President. What’s even more galling for those of us who actually took a government class – he’s refusing to enforce his own law, and he’s frantically rewriting it as people find out that only a complete dumbass would think the government could destroy an industry and not have anyone notice.

The President cannot pick and choose what parts of a law he likes. He cannot just postpone politically unpopular portions of a law. He cannot say, “Well, the law says 2013, but I’m going to make it 2014.” His oath is not to preserve, protect and defend the Constitution if he feels like it. This is a violation of his oath, and that should be an impeachable offense.

The next time any party presents a candidate with no real-world experience that has never actually worked in any business, can we please remember this fiasco? That would make Obama’s legacy worthwhile. Don’t elect dumbasses.