Monthly Archives: June 2014

Dream Sequence

Yesterday, I woke up and realized that Rocky the Chihuahua was sleeping next to me, curled up by my head. He loves sleeping on the bed, as do all of our dogs.

However, his sleeping on the bed was a bit disconcerting, since we had put him in his crate the night before, when we went to sleep. I just assumed my wife had let him out, although most of the time when she lets him out while I’m still in bed, I get a Chihuahua on the head.

So, I rubbed his back, since he was sleeping peacefully, instead of jamming his tongue in my ear, as usual.

Two things happened at once, so it’s difficult to write and portray the scene:

— I started realizing that Rocky had lost all of his hair during the night. This was alarming, as with five dogs in residence, the last thing I needed was more vet bills, and a possible Chihuahua toupee.
— My wife asked why I was rubbing her arm to wake her when her alarm was set for twenty minutes later.

Rocky was asleep in his crate, peacefully. It was all a dream. Whew.

OK, it wasn’t exactly a “Bobby Ewing in the shower” quality dream, but they had more writers. Plus, I don’t want to be dreaming about guys in showers.

No animals were harmed in this dream, although the wife was slightly annoyed.