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Voter Suppression

I think that the major problem with our country is not people actively trying to keep other people from voting, it’s that we keep putting idiots in charge of the basic mechanics.

Texas has a Voter ID law now. Finally. Yes, I think it is a reasonable requirement. If you have to show ID before you meet the President, why shouldn’t you have to show ID before you vote for one?

There are seven – seven – types of ID that are acceptable for proving your identity to vote in Texas.

  • Texas Drivers License
  • Texas Voter ID card (Free. From any DPS office. Some mobile stations. Offices open Saturday to enable people to get cards.)
  • Texas Personal ID card (a drivers license that doesn’t let you drive)
  • Texas Concealed Handgun License
  • Military ID
  • US Citizenship or Naturalization Certificate
  • US Passport

I looked at these, and I’ve got two of them, which means I’m not eligible for a Voter ID card and I don’t need a Personal ID card, and to me, the most stringent was a US Passport – you needed a certified birth certificate to get it and it was from the federal government.

So, I took my passport to the polling place this morning. The poll worker said “We can’t take passports for identification.” WTF? It has a photo. It has my name. It’s a government document. My name on it matches the voter rolls. IT’S ON THE LIST.

I’m a Libertarian, so instead of starting a major scene (though I thought about it) or protesting outside the polls or busing in illegal voters from other States or countries to actually suppress my vote, I just said, “It’s first on the list” (politely leaving out “you dumbass”), and sighed, and gave him my drivers license. Always have multiple forms of ID when you need an ID. Prepare ahead. You will find stupid people whenever there is a governmental entity involved.

So, now we have a young, very confused-looking black male telling an old white guy that he can’t take his valid ID and let him vote – WHEN IT’S ON THE LIST – would seem to me the exact opposite of what was supposed to be happening at the polls, according to the doomsayers. Maybe the Democrats don’t want old white guys who can afford to travel internationally to be able to vote.

He took my drivers license. I voted. It’s over. I reported it to the Texas Secretary of State. (No reply yet.)

However, as long as our elections are run by dumbshits who don’t know their own rules, we are going to have election problems.

Never look for viciousness when ignorance is the most likely explanation.