Monthly Archives: January 2018

The Journey Begins

On our first cruise, the Captain said that if you were late, the first thing to do was to get a photo of the ship sailing away, since it was a really good angle. I wondered how anyone could miss a ship.

Nobody plans to miss their cruise ship. However, sometimes the time gets away from you. You forget the time zone changed. Your wife needed one more souvenir. You needed one more margarita. It happens.

After watching the pier runners in Cozumel from the comfort of our balcony cabin, I started thinking about helping those we weren’t going to see running down the pier, because they were really, really late.

How do you help them? You get them back on their ship. How do you help yourself? You make it hurt a bit – because they know they’re idiots (or they’re too drunk to care.)

That was the genesis of Blackbeard Arrr-lines.