CrabbyGram was going to be my meal ticket. In today’s rather fractured society, what better service than a way to tell someone that they really annoyed you?

Crabby was my mother-in-law’s nickname (according to my wife, who was the only one with the nerve to call her that.) Her grandkids called her “GramGram.” So, “CrabbyGram.”

I wish I could take credit for the name, but the name was invented by our first budgie, Basil Fawlty Gilhooly. Basil tended to put words together after my wife taught him, and while he usually just said, “Hello, Crabby!” (as below), he said “CrabbyGram” on occasion.

Hello, Crabby!

I didn’t think, “It is amazing this small bird can speak”, I thought, “There’s a business waiting to happen!” It’s still waiting, but at least I have the domain reserved.