The domain has had a long and varied history. It started as an inside joke, really – I had a Lotus Domino server at home that had a bunch of sample databases on it, and they were all, well, demos. People kept asking me for access to my demo box, mainly because it was much easier to get access from the outside world to a Domino server running in my house than it was to put up a Domino server at work with the idiotic security rules in place.

So, that was a natural domain – especially since the existing domain in the house was BoogerWillie, which really didn’t look very professional when doing demos for customers. Someone had (unbelieveably) already registered and put up a Coming Soon page (which has been there for years), so I registered since I’m pretty much non-profit. (I always thought there should be an unorg top-level domain for those of us who are not that organized.)

My Lotus Domino server (sadly) died while I was on Christmas vacation one year, so it was dead for a couple of weeks and was replaced by another Lotus Domino server, which had all the mail accounts guarded by a Lotus Protector for Mail Security virtual appliance. (I had been assigned new Lotus products to support at work, so I was very against spam, personally and professionally.)  It was just much easier to run a server at home than to try to get through the massive corporate hoops to have it running at my desk, even though it was part of my job. Plus, I could have an anti-spam device on the Internet without having corporate devices in front, which made demos much easier.

That server (sadly) also died, (also while I was on vacation.) Maybe I take too many vacations. Luckily, all my spam was kept safely cataloged in the Protector device, so I could get it back after I returned. (I had also forwarded my Yahoo account to my demobox account, to make sure I had plenty of spam.) Shortly after that, I changed jobs, so I didn’t really need to solicit spam at home any more. At one point, I wasn’t really checking my Demobox mail any more, so if you’ve been waiting for me to help you move the money from your father’s account in Africa, sorry I haven’t gotten back to you.

I moved the Demobox domain name to yet another Domino server, which was actually still running in my house until the day I retired from IBM. However, I’m not doing any Notes development any more (sadly), and I’m getting tired of running a pseudo-production network in my house, so, at last, it was time to go to the cloud. However, I’m cheap. So, if somebody will let me run WordPress on a Windows image for free, I will learn to administer WordPress. Until then, I will just host it here on the servers.

I even deleted the domain because it just didn’t seem that important anymore, but when I was updating the page, I realized it was gone – but still available. So, I got it back. That is the definition of an inside joke – a domain name you can delete and get back, and nobody thought it was worth the money to register it while it was available.

Someday, I will write a book about my experiences. In other words, I will publish the minimal paragraphs above (in a large font, to get the page count up) so you can read it on your Nook or Kindle. 

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