Our Subsidiaries

Italian Fish is a holding company and each of its subsidiaries is rather unique. (I say “unique” because spell-check kept rejecting “bizarre.”) In case I don’t have an About page for any of them, I put a short description here.

  • Blackbeard Arrrlines
    • This is my proposed airline for Caribbean on-demand service. Why do you need on-demand service? Read on.
  • BoogerWillie
    • A reflection on my inability to remember names. When all else fails, create a term of endearment.
  • CrabbyGram
    • Dedicated to my mom-in-law. RIP.
  • FeBBS
    • Dedicated to my dogs, past and present (and probably future).
  • Gilhooligans International
    • A name created by one of my co-workers for a sample IBM client during my final days running a cloud consultancy. Bad job, great name.
  • Planet Xriva
    • Mapping my travels around – mostly business. See eighteenknots for leisure travels.
  • Stagecoach VII
    • My only band experience. Tragic.
  • SuperKlutz
    • An ode to my beloved spouse, written in emergency rooms across the country.
  • The Texas & New Jersey Railroad
    • This is the personal railroad that would have saved me driving around the country.
Stagecoach VII
Texas & New Jersey Railroad
The Texas & New Jersey Railroad