The Three Books

The Book of Sparcus

This is the First Book of the Three Elders. I am Coemgenus, writing what I have heard. This is what Sparcus has told me.

Sparcus has said, “Out, Out!” A person cannot be fulfilled by staying in one place. Exploration is a natural function, and men are drawn to leave their environment and search out new locations, ideas and people.

You cannot stagnate. You must always be heading “Out, Out!”

​A journey does not have to be to any specific place. The journey can be reward enough.

Travel, explore, visit that you may learn from others.

Always lead, never follow. If someone is leading you, perhaps it is time to consider going in a different direction.

​Why would you stay in, when there are so many places to see? If you begin a journey, perhaps others will follow you. You will never know by standing in place.

​Out, out!

The Book of Riplius

This is the Second Book of the Three Elders. I am Coemgenus, writing what I have heard. This is what Riplius has told me.

Riplius has said, “Meditate, that you should find meaning.”A person must stop and consider what has happened in his life from time to time, lest the messages and lessons learned pass over him, and become one within him.

​This tempers the first spiritual law from Sparcus. While man is constantly drawn to explore, he must also take the time to draw lessons from his explorations.

If you do not consider the past, how will you learn? You must contemplate each action before it is taken, to avoid hurting others.

Share your knowledge with others. Do not let them continue in their foolish ways. Correct them as best you can, so that they can cease making trivial mistakes.

You should sleep when possible, so that you will be ready for action when the time comes.

Always answer the call of others – if you are asked for help, you must jump in at once.

​Sometimes, a person only needs a small nudge to get moving in the right direction. Nudge them gently, so they won’t become discouraged.

The Book of Bubbus

This is the Third Book of the Three Elders. I am Coemgenus, writing what I have heard. This is what Bubbus has told me.

​Bubbus has said, “Protect what is yours”.While possessions and material wealth are not necessarily worthy goals on their own, nonetheless you must protect what is yours.

While sharing and giving are understood, you should not let your possessions be lost or wasted. You should especially make sure that possessions are utilized, and not just hoarded so that others may not have them.

While exploring or meditating, always keep an eye on your possessions, so they do not fall into the hands of those who should not have them.Store your treasures carefully. Many around you may be watching to find your cache. Make sure only you can determine your hiding places. When possible, dine alone. The solitude will help you to gain more enjoyment from your repast, as you will not be distracted by the actions or conversations of others.

Always be aware of dangers around you. If there is someone who insists on going first, perhaps it is best. Sometimes, the most important thing to protect is yourself. Let others plunge into the dangerous waters. If they are not swept away, you may enter.

​Always answer the call! When you hear your name, respond quickly.