FeBBS was the Iron (Fe) Bulletin Board System. First implemented in the 1980s for users with dial-up connections, it has grown to an Internet-based private chat system used by many tens of users. Please do not confuse us with Iron Networks.

The original FeBBS was implemented with two Unix servers in Dallas, running basic email software and connecting on a nightly basis to provide email services to a computer consulting team. (It actually was designed to provide the two lonely sysops with systems administration practice.) Warning! Modems at 2am can be noisy.

Iron (chemical symbol Fe) was chosen for the name of the system due to its strength and since it is a much cooler element than silicon (and because silicon is Si. SI publishes a magazine, apparently). The default maximum number of concurrent users is 26, in a nod to Iron’s atomic number.

FeBBS is also an email provider, having migrated to SMTP and IMAP protocols from FidoNet. Mail accounts and forwarding accounts are available.

For the detailed history of FeBBS, visit here. You can meet our staff here.