Gilhooligans International

For all (or most) of the gory details of finding the domain name, please visit the About page. The About page should really be the “But Why?” Page.

While Gilhooligans could be a good corporate name (for a bar), it describes the current younger generation of my branch of the internationally famous Gilhooly family quite well.

For examples (all from 2018), I quote my grandkids, courtesy of their Dad:

  • Caleb (age 7) with the power out, tornado sirens sounding, and the family eating dinner in the basement – “Best camping trip ever!”
  • Carson (age 5) while reading National Geographic Kids – “Dad, this one says sharks are 170 million years old, but that’s not true. No one is that old but Grandpa.”
  • Ellie (age 3) – “May I have some water, please?” Dad: “Yes, baby.” Ellie: “Call me Princess, please.”
  • Where they get it: Their Dad (years ago) after receiving another airport gift shop spoon (age 5 or so) – “Dad, I really don’t want the spoons from your trips anymore.” Me: “Uh, ok, what do you want?” Him: “I want shot glasses, like you get.”