Welcome all to the home of Spribu on the Internet. This site contains the translated text of the Books of the Three Elders, for your reading, study, and meditation. Please wander through our site, so that you can become familiar with our beliefs.

A Modern Introduction to Spribu

Welcome to Spribu! This is an introduction to the Books of the Three Elders, which make up the majority of this site. Spribu is an ancient belief system, which at its core reflects the individual beliefs of the Three Elders, who combined their individual precepts to create a unified vision of a way of life. It is not a religion per se, as we do not require you to recognize or worship any specific God (your beliefs in your God are your own, as best expressed in the words of Kinky Friedman, “May the God of your Choice Bless You”.) Rather, Spribu and its followers are hoping to provide you with a pathway to enlightenment, based on the teachings of the Three Elders.

​The Three Elders had their ideas captured in the core books of this document, and those books were the original writings, which is why they are numbered as the first three books in the titles. The other books were added to help others not familiar with the Three Elders read their thoughts in context.We congratulate you on the start of your journey, and wish for you to find peace.

The Three Elders

​The Three Elders are the spiritual founders of Spribu. The movement is named for them, by combining the beginning of each of their names, since the Elders themselves did not give a name to their discussions. The Three Elders are Sparcus, Riplius and Bubbus (taking the first two letters of each of the elders produces SP-RI-BU as a name for the movement.)

​The Three Elders were wise men who gathered daily to discuss philosophy, history and other topics of interest to the learned men of their time. Each of the Elders forms a portion of the total belief system of Spribu, and each is remembered by a motto and a symbol. While they all were born and raised in separate households, eventually they all settled with Coemgenus (a freed slave), and were considered members of his family. While they would have their daily discussions, Coemgenus would take notes, which became the bulk of this volume. Coemgenus wrote a book on each of the Elders’ individual beliefs. It has been said that you must combine the beliefs of all the Elders to form a complete picture of the universe and how to survive within it.