Kokomo Cruises

Kokomo Cruises shows you the best of the Caribbean and Atlantic on one convenient cruise! From the Southern Caribbean to Bermuda and the Florida Keys, this cruise has it all!

Here’s our itinerary quoted from Google’s version of the lyrics:

Aruba, Jamaica, oh I want to take you to
Bermuda, Bahama, come on pretty mama
Key Largo, Montego, baby why don’t we go

Songwriters: Michael Edward Love / Terry Melcher / Scott Mckenzie / John Phillips
Lyrics Copyright (c) Walt Disney Company

This is the proposed itinerary, thanks to shiptraffic.net and my rounding to the nearest days. I have noticed on our cruises that an 8am arrival usually means “sometime after midnight, we will arrive in port and you can probably get off the ship by eight that morning, if immigration and customs are in a good mood.”

I had done a lot of this by hand which was getting tedious, and finally just did a spreadsheet so I could play with it. So, the spreadsheet would actually be useful for doing other voyages, and not just lyrics. So it goes. I have rounded the times off so it looks professional.

SundayOranjestad, ArubaSun 5:00 PM803
MondaySea Day
TuesdayFalmouth, Jamaica1:30 PMOvernight1497
Wednesday5:00 PM
ThursdaySea Day
FridaySea Day
SaturdaySea Day
SundayHamilton, Bermuda4:10 AM7:00 PM1089
MondaySea Day
TuesdaySea Day
WednesdayNassau, Bahamas7:30 AM7:00 PM258
ThursdayMiami, Florida9:20 AM10:00 PM964(For Key Largo)
FridaySea Day
SaturdaySea Day
SundayMontego Bay, Jamaica3:45 AM10:00 PM808
MondaySea Day
TuesdayOranjestad, Aruba6:55 PM

This is one long cruise. I think it would still be nice if the ports were arranged differently, but scanning in a song is tricky sometimes.